Climate Change

Summary of the Methodology Being Followed :

  • Literature Review   
  • Selection of appropriate ecosystems for detailed analysis and data collection
  • Identification of  important issues and problems of the region  
  • Identification of Sensitive Hot Spots for deeper analysis
  • Selection, Development, Calibration and Application of Models
  • Development and application of appropriate functionalities  for region-specific and site specific issues
  • Impact on ecosystems and human health due to climate change and pollution synergy
  • Quantification of process-inter-linkages
  • Report Preparation     


Importance of the Work :
The programme will lead to understanding of causes, magnitudes and impacts of changing environment over IGP and Himalayan regions which have great importance for the country as the IGP is the main bread-basket of the country and Himalayan region provides invaluable ecosystem services to the country. Proper understanding will help in mitigation of adverse impacts of changing atmosphere in the region thus, inter alia, ensuring food security and sustainable development.


A Case Study of  Indo-Gangetic Plain



In order to develop and refine our understanding of synergies between climate change and environmental pollution (air, water and soil) and for quantifying process-inter-linkages amongst different compartments viz.  atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere, we are presently trying to assess ecosystem and human health impacts around Indo-Gangetic Biomes. Environmental Water Demand (EWD) has been taken as one EVE-Index to investigate atmospheric and bio-spheric interactions. Terrestrial ecosystem has been chosen as the ecosystem to start with. And initially,  a case study of Uttarakhand has been taken up for studying perturbations in EWD through appropriate  calibration curves  and  models based on the available data and information through ADMAM's approach. 




Activities Being Pursued

  • Environmental Water Demands (EWD)
  • Methane Emission Factors
  • Case Study (Lucknow Region)
  • Methane Emissions from Waste Water Discharges
  • Application of Carbon-Vulnerability Model
  • Application of Health Risk Assessment Models
  • Identification of Most Polluted Hot Spots
  • Application of Sink Potential Index (SPI) Model

Key Questions Being Addressed

  • How climate change is affecting the  ecosystem ?
  • What does this mean for species ?
  • What does this mean for habitats ?
  • What does this mean for Communities  and Industries ?
  • Evolving Appropriate Environmental Management Plan to deal with Ecosystem-Adaptation & Vulnerability


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