Indigo dye

Indigo dye


Indigo dye production from a renewable resource - biological process

  • CSIR-NEERI is working on a biological process for natural indigo dye production through value-added agriculture of Indigofera plant
  • CSIR-NEERI is improving the conventional process through innovative scientific input intending for adoption by rural entrepreneurs and prospective industrial scale production
  • The developed biological process for indigo dye production will be useful for  textile, pottery, toy making, arts and crafts, and various chemical industries
  • This biological process is non toxic, derived from plant biomass, an alternative to synthetic indigo dye, and will be helpful in value-added agriculture for economic benefit to rural masses
  • The wastes generated will be biodegradable



          Indigoferaplant cultivation                             Components involved in biological process for indigo dye production



                         Indigo cakes                                                                            Indigo dyed fabric