Two Stage Biooxidation (TSB)

Concept- Biooxidation Stage Separation


Process Know-how Developed


               Air-Stripper                                                           Biooxidation in Sequential Batch Reactor (Stages I & II)


Full Scale Implementation (Design capacity 600 cum/d) at Nagarjuna Agrochem Ltd., Srikakulam, A.P. 



Development and demonstration of the Two Stage Biooxidation (TSB) process for treatment of effluent from an agrochemical industry

  • Based on the lab scale studies, a two-stage biooxidation (TSB) process was developed and demonstrated at NagarjunaAgrichem Limited (NACL), Srikakulam(A.P)to treat the effluent from the pesticide industry
  • CSIR-NEERI recommended a new treatment scheme based on the TSB process. A full scale ETP based on the scheme (comprising ammonia stripper followed by two stage biooxidation process) has been constructed and commissioning of the ETP is in progress at NagarjunaAgrichem Limited (NACL), Srikakulam



Based on the process developed by CSIR-NEERI, a full scale ETP of 600 m3/d design capacity comprising (A) ammonia stripper and (B) Two Stage Biooxidation (TSB) process has been implemented at NagarjunaAgrichem Ltd, Srikakulam


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