Designation: Director
Qualification: Ph.D.(Env.Engg.), M.Tech(Env.Engg.) IIT,Mumbai
ISO 14001, Lead Auditor EARA-UK, RAB-USA
Specialization: Environmental Chemistry/Water Quality Assessment
Address: CSIR-NEERI Nehru Marg Nagpur, Research & Innovation Centre,Mumbai

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Ph.D. (Environment Engineering)
M.Tech. (Environmental Science and Engineering)


Mumbai Zonal Centre



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Phone       :+91-022-2497 35 21/ 2497 46 07

Fax  No.    :+91-022-2493 66 35

Research area/ Specialization:

Development of appropriate technology for environmental quality improvement encompassing the field of air pollution, particularly vehicle pollution, hazardous waste management, wastewater treatment and disposal.

Major project handled:

Sr. No.

Project Name


NEERI-USEPA Coordination Urban Air Quality Management Programme– (Source Apportionment, Emission Inventory, BENMAP, Clean Fuel: 2 Stroke Three Wheelers Engines- DI Technology) -2007-2010


Air Quality Assessment, Emission Inventory  and Source Apportionment Studies in Mumbai city (CPCB, 2010)


Study to establish inter linkages of air quality, climate change and health with recourse to molecular modelling and tracking analysis of regional transport of air pollution (USEPA, 2010)


Solid Waste Characterization for Development of Regional Landfill facilities for MSW management in MMR, (MMRDA, 2010)


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study on Pollution Due to Oil Spill and Other Hazardous Substances from Panamian ship MSC Chitra and MV Khalijia 3 collation and MV RAK collation cases, (MPCB, 2011-12)


Phytorid Technology for Sewage and Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Reuse (2009 onwards)


Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment for Mumbai Sewage Disposal Project, Stage II, Priority Works - Disaster and Risk Management for Pumping Station and Determination of Discharges standards, (MCGM, 2007-2012).


Calibration and Validation of Initial Dilution Model For Worli Outfall, Mumbai –(Extensive studies with radiotracer and fluorescent  tracers for the hydrodynamic studies), (BRNS, 1999)


Oceanographic and Water Quality Modelling Studies of Mumbai, (World Bank, Japan Grant Project & MCGM, 1999)


EIA of the Marine Outfalls for Worli and Bandra, Aerated Lagoons for Malad and Versova, and Bhandup and Ghatkopar for the Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, (MCGM, 1994- 2000)


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  • Rashmi S. Patil, Rakesh Kumar, Ratish Menon, Munna Kumar Shah and Virendra Sethi, 2013. Development of Particulate Matter Speciation Profiles for Major Sources in Six Cities in India, Atmospheric Research, 132-133, 1–11  
  • Mihir Herlekar, Indrani Gupta, Rakesh Kumar and Abba Elizabeth, 2012, Chemical Speciation and Source Assignment of Particulate (PM10) Phase Molecular Markers in Mumbai, Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 12: 1247–1260
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  • Wakadikar K, Sil A, Sivagami S.P.M, Kolekar N, Tandon S and Kumar R. 2010. Effect of Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluid (NADF) and Its Synthetic Base Oil on Soil Health as indicated by its Dehydrogenase Activity. Environmental Earth Sciences, 01/2011; 64(1). DOI: 10.1007/s12665-010-0812-z

Patents :

  • R.N.Singh, Rakesh Kumar, Sandeep Tayade, System of Method for the Treatment of Wastewater Using Plants, European Patent Office (EPO), Pub.No.: WO2004/087584, Date: 14.10.2004
  • Rakesh Kumar, Sandeep Tayade, R.N.Singh, Method for the Treatment of Wastewater through Wetland  Plants, Australian Patent No. AV2003223110 A1, 2005, Pub. Date: 25.10.2004
  • Rakesh Kumar, Sandeep Tayade, R.N.Singh, System and Methods for the Treatment Process of Wastewater using PhytoRid Technology, Indian Patent Office (IPO) 0010NF2003/IN (239/DEL/2003) Pub. No.: 241523, Pub. Date: 16.07.2010
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  • N. Labshatwar, R.Binniwale, R.Kumar, and P.Khanna, "An Improved Non Noble Metal Based Catalytic Converter for the Control of Emissions from Petrol Driven Engines" Application No. 2635/DEL/98

Know –how developed

  • Patent filed by Rakesh Kumar and Shalini Tandon, Treatment of Wastewater from A Dairy Products Processing Unit with Wetland Plant. IPO No. 0178NF/2011 Dt, 20.11.2011

Copyrights :

Copyright of Phytorid Patent : European Patent Office (WO2004/087584), Australian Patent (AV2003223110 A1/2005) and Indian Patent Office (IPO) 0010NF2003/IN (239/DEL/2003)
Chapters in Books Copyrights

  • Rakesh Kumar and R.N. Singh, 2006. Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment, (Ed. T.V. Ramachandra), Commonwealth of Learning, Canada and Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
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  • Rakesh Kumar and  S.S.Dhage, 2011, Case Study- Monitoring, Evaluation of Functional Behavior of Marine Outfall at Mumbai, India, in a book, “Marine Outfall Discharges- Planning, Risk Assessment, Monitoring and Enforcement, authored by Dr. Carlton D. Hunt, & Prof. Jose A Juanes, University of Cantbria, Spain. Springer Publishers, U.K.2010 -2011


  • Phytorid technology has been transferred to more than 15 agencies and there are more than 90 installations in the country for domestic and industrial sector. Phytorid technology is well appreciated by different News Group. The successful implementation of this technology in Mumbai University is Covered by Doordarshan in its programme “BHOOMI”
  • Invited to speak at the World Mayors Conference on “Wastewater Management in Small Communities” under Millennium Development Goals for urban poor, 2005


  • Vasvik Award in the Field of “Environmental Science and Technology (Phytorid Technology), 2013
  • NEERI's Maximum Technology Transfer Award, 2012
  • Third Prize under Vasundhara Award for use of Phytorid Technology: Siemens, Navi Mumbai, World Environment Day, 2011.
  • Significant work carried out by an individual (Technology Development and Transfer) during Director General, CSIR visit to NEERI, 2009.
  • Award and Felicitation for Significant Contribution to “Clean and Green Campaign” of Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC), by Shri. Suresh Chawan, 2007   
  • Best Patent Award for NEERI, 2006 for getting European and Australian Patent on Low Cost Waste Treatment Technology
  • USAID and USAEP “Environmental Leadership Award” for outstanding contribution made through working in partnership to improve the environment and quality of life for the people of Asia, 2005

No. PhD. Students guided.

Currently Ph. D Student - 3 , Co-Guideship -2, M.Tech Student (IITB)- 10

Members of societies/organization

Members of Government Committees/Panels
  • Member of Consent Appraisal Committee (CAC) of Maharashtra Pollution Control Board
  • Member of State Level Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC) for High Rise Construction
  • Member, Technical Committee of Multi City Source Apportionment, Emission Inventory and Air Quality Assessment, constituted by Ministry of Environment and Forests and Central Pollution Control Board, since 2005
  • Member of Delhi Parks and Gardens Society, Delhi Govt.
  • Member, Quality Sub-Committee for ISO 14001, IRQS under, RVi Since 1998
  • Member, Solid Waste Landfill Site Selection for Navi Mumbai  Municipal Corporation Constituted by Hon. High Court, Bombay  (Mumbai)
Membership of Professional Societies:
  • Life Member, Indian Association of Environmental Management
  • Life Member, Air Pollution Association of India
  • Life Member, Catalyst Society of India
  • Life Member, Indian Aerosol Science and Technology Association
  • Life Member, National Solid Waste Association of India
  • Life Member of SOCLEEN
Membership in Academic Committees
  • Board of Studies: Environmental Science, University of Mumbai
  • Board of Studies: B.Tech in Environmental Engineering, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad
  • Board of Studies, Env. & Development “Family Resource Management, SNDT Women’s University
  • Examiner for IIT Bombay, Mumbai University, ISM Dhanbad, Institute of Science etc.
  • Member of BCUD, University of Mumbai