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Designation: Sr.Principal Scientist
Qualification: Ph.D., M.Sc(Life Sci)
Specialization: biotechnology and genomics

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Principal Scientist


Ph. D , M.Sc. (Life Science)


Environmental Genomics Division (EGD)



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Dir L. Line : (0712) 2249883

Phone       :(0712) 2249886– 2249885  Ext – 363

Fax  No.    :(0712) 2249900

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Current research interest focusses on the field of environmental genomics. A  multi-disciplinary approach is used by combining conventional microbiology tools with bioinformatics and molecular tools to address rising levels of environmental contamination. Specific area of interest relates to the  bioremediation of pesticide contaminated soil, and use of  metagenomics approach to study microbial communities in activated biomass of wastewater treatment plants with the aim to understand and improve biological treatment capacity. Gene expression studies and quantification analysis are used to analyze the catabolic potential of a contaminated niche as well as to follow the progress of bioremediation. Ongoing studies on microbial diversity analysis are also extrapolated to exploration of antibacterial agents from bacteria.


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