Training Program

Training Program Sponsored by DBT for 2002 – 2003

As a part of the Biotechnology Information System (BTIS), a three days workshop was organized on “Modelling Tools for Assessment of Microbial Activities”, from Oct. 23-25, 2002, at the Distributed Sub-center (DISC) at NEERI. The lectures covered wide areas in biotechnology viz Microbial physiology and decision making, Microbial capacity & wastewater treatment, Kinetics in microbial systems, Bioremediation of mine spoil dumps through integrated biotechnological approach, Aeration in activated sludge process and Microbial desulphurization, Mathematical applications in environmental sciences, Modelling biotechnological processes, Data base management, Programming tools & languages and Computing through MATLAB. The training course also covered computational Lab work and Hands-on experience. In all 21 participants of the workshop were from various disciplines and Institutes in India.