NAAQM-DHS: Software package has been developed for in-house use by the Institute for NAAQM database. The Figure highlights the salient features of the software.


WWTP: Software package has been developed for in-house use for Designing Wastewater Treatment Plant and for Operational Troubleshooting of Activated Sludge Process based wastewater treatment plants. The Figure highlights the salient features of the software.


EQT-Design: Equalization tank is an important unit in wastewater treatment plant. It is employed to even out the flow variations over a day. An MS Excel Workbook has been developed as a tool for design engineers. The Excel Workbook is designed so that only the hourly measured flow and BOD values are required to be entered and all the calculations are done automatically.


ChkAnalysis: An algorithm based on the principles specified in the Standard Methods - Part 1030E has been implemented through an automated Microsoft Excel Workbook. Concentrations of relevant parameters as estimated in the laboratory (in terms of mg/L) are only required to be entered and the Workbook computes the derived Check-parameters, viz. Calculated TDS & EC, Sum of cations & anions (in terms of meq/L), etc. Results of these Checks enable the analyst to check the correctness of analyses and to review them appropriately based on the results and sound scientific judgment. The Workbook is an essential tool for laboratory in-charges as well as analysts to ensure quality of data.


DOWATTS: An optimization algorithm and a user-friendly software package based on dynamic programming incorporating performance relationships and cost functions for component units of a conventional water treatment plant for obtaining a functional and least cost design. Built-in extensive context sensitive help, graphical system flow diagram, input data error checking for range violation, and a module for population forecasting. The designer can perform sensitivity analyses to ascertain the sensitivity of optimal design to various parameters like changes in -interest rate, -flow, -water quality, etc.  Pre-design cost estimates can be obtained in a short time considering various scenarios.


WATDIS: A user-friendly menu based computer software for design of functional and least cost water distribution system with multiple reservoirs;  runs on PC and HP APOLLO-9000/730 to handle large networks (3000 pipes). Optimization algorithm has been developed with recourse to nonlinear programming technique based on interior penalty function with Davidon-Fletcher-Powell method. Graph theoretic approach is employed for hydraulic analysis. Extensive use in augmentation of water distribution systems for analysis of the existing systems with a view to identifying problem areas and obtaining optimal augmentation solutions considering parallel and / or series pipeline combinations.