Ongoing Projects
A biomarker study on fluorosis affected individuals in a population
Passive Smoke Particle Strainer for Rural Kitchens
Development of methodology and sampling & monitoring of GHGs, VOCs, HAPs, PAHs, black carbon, molecular markers and arsenic (NCAM -T1.1.2)
Study on Development and application of GAINS-City Model for Indian Cities
Study on Pollution Status of River Daman Ganga and Development of Pollution Abatement Strategies for the River System
Study oncompliance ofeffluent discharged from ash pond and possibility of meeting zero discharge norms at Bakreswar thermal power plant [O.A. No. 24/2014/EZ (Subhas Datta Vs. State of West Bengal &Ors.)]
Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater of Gaighata and Teghoria in West Bengal [NGT's order relating to O.A. No. 79/2015/EZB (Subhas Datta Vs. State of West Bengal &Ors.)]
Carrying Capacity Study for Environmentally Sustainable Iron Ore Mining Activities in Keonjhar, Sundargarh and Mayurbhanj Districts of Odisha State
Assessment of Water Quality & sediment Analysis to understand the special properties of Ganga River
National Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Programme
Odisha Carrying Capacity Project
Studies on up gradation of effluent treatment plant for environmental compliance including feasibility assessment for effluent recycle/reuse at IOCL refinery, Assam Oil Division, Digboi, Assam
Study on Development and application of GAINS-City Model for Indian Cities
Designing and Development of an Indoor Portable Air Purifier for odor, particulate and pesticide removal
Air Quality Status in & Around Maithon Power Limited
Assessment of water quality and sediment analysis to understand the special properties of Ganga River.
Training Programme on Monitoring and Analysis of Environmental Toxics in Different Environmental Media for M/s. Vizag Steel Plant Personnel
Indoor Air Pollution Strategies for Modelling and Exposure (NCAM-2.2)
Characterization of selected air toxics in MSW dumpsites and study of environmentally responsive genes from exposed population (MESER-T403)
Designing and Development of an Indoor Portable Air Purifier for odor, particulate and pesticide removal
Development of Baseline Data with respect to Air, Water, Soil Quality as well as Noise upto Block level in four Districts of the State of Tripura
Inventory of Emissions of Air and Water from Various Industrial Sources in Tripura
Characterisation and estimation of VOC levels in the Factory Production area of Berger Beckers Coatings Pvt. Ltd and recommendation of controls options
Understanding the genetic basis of susceptibility in fluorosis in Indian populations
Completed Projects
Initial Assessment of Post Implementation of EMP Suggested by NEERI report, 2007 for Victoria Memorial Hall (VMH), Kolkata
EIA of Bodhjung Nagar and other Industrial Estates in Agartala
Environment Impact Assessment for Proposed Onshore Exploratory Drilling Activity in Block PA-ONN-2004/1 under NELP-VI
Assessment of Suitable Discharge Location of Treated Effluent Disposal System of BCPL in Brahmaputra Petrochemical Complex Project of M/s BCPL, (Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited) in River Brahmaputra, Dibrugarh, Assam
Assessment of Impact of cold water discharge on sea near Hazira Port, of M/s Hazira LNG Private Ltd
Development of Predictive Model for Volatile Organic Compounds as Indoor Air Pollutant and Control Options [Project No.:SIP 16 (1.1)]
Ambient Air Quality, Emission, Effluent and Ground Water Monitoring of Kahalgaon Super Thermal Power Plant, NTPC, Bihar
Environmental Sample Testing and analysis of Mahanadi Well MD#5 and West Bengal offshore wells WB-OS-AI by MS NEERI as per MOU between ONGC and NEERI
Training Programme on Air Toxics (BTX, VOC, PAH)in Environment during Nov(18-20), 2010
Characterization of Municipal Solid waste at Selected Locations in Kolkata
Characterization of VOCs at the Municipal Solid Locations, Dhapa, Kolkata