Mandate and R&D area:

  • Cleaner energy generation with minimum carbon- and environmental- footprints from renewable and non-renewable resources.
  • Provide technological solutions for energy- and environment- related issues, using the current advancement of nanoscience and nanotechnology.
  • Future energy generation prospects including those using Chemical Looping Combustion- specially focussing on self-supported oxygen carrier based on abundantly available metal oxides for thermal power plants applications
  • Improved cook stoves, IEC and other interventions to control rural & urban indoor emissions. Management of air pollution from solid fuel combustion and through improved biomass based fuels
  • Resource management through-
  • Cleaner diesel engines by application of low-cost exhaust treatment catalysts
  • Effective utilization of precious metals and their recovery,
  • Development of high capacity adsorbents for air and water treatment
  • Sediment studies to assess water pollution and its impacts on water quality
  • Assessment of water treatment technologies. Studies of solid waste minimization and management from water treatment plants.
  • Nano-intermetallics for fuel cells-related applications
  • Air pollution control through development of low-cost perovskites, multifunctional metals & metal oxides, nano-intermetallics, catalysts for indoor (VOCs) and producer gas/methane etc. combustion
  • Shape-tailored catalysts for indoor air treatments.


Division’s Mandate& Road Map