In addition to applied research work, as per CSIR’s mandate the division has mainly focused on translational research and following are important achievements of the division:

  1. Multi-fuel Domestic Improved Cook Stove: NEERDHUR

The Global Burden of Disease 2010 ranked air pollution as a leading cause of death and disability in India accounting for 9% of the national disease burden. Availability of free biomass and agriculture residue will be an important reason for continued use of cookstoves among poor rural household. Hence, CSIR-NEERI has developed a domestic natural draft multi-fuel improved cookstove (ICS) “NEERDHUR” by adopting a comprehensive approach of technological innovations for improved stove efficiency, emission reduction and intensive stakeholder interactions to address issues of adoption such as stove cost, stove maintenance, fuel affordability, and availability. The NEERI stove “NEERDHUR” addresses adoption and sustainability related challenges of ICS. It is a multi-fuel (biomass, charcoal, agro residue etc.) stove with hybrid operation modes. NEERDHUR has been extensively tested in the lab and field for user’s perception and acceptability.

At present, NEERDHUR Cookstove is approved by MNRE on the basis of their performance testing and certified to meet the newly developed cook-stove emission standards by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS 2013). NEERDHUR shows a thermal efficiency of 33.33% with emission levels as CO: 3.78 g/MJd, TPM: 340.10 mg/MJd at a power output of 1.70KW. NEERDHUR is rated best among the MNRE approved Cookstove in terms of thermal efficiency under the 2KW domestic natural draft biomass stoves.

Know-how on Improved Cookstove “NEERDHUR” technology has been successfully demonstrated in 4 villages across 2 states namely Mohagaon, Gothangaon in Nagpur district, Savroli-Palghar, Mumbai and Chunakhali, Kolkata. Field trails and IEC has also been done in the above stated villages.

  • Total number of States covered : 2 (4 villages)
  • Total Households Benefitted : 220 +
  • Total Beneficiaries: 1000+ in first 6 months


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 Awards Recognitions

Dr.Nitin Labhsetwar

  1. Member of the Unit awarded with “Best Division Award for Excellence in R&D for the Year 2005-06”of NEERI, Nagpur
  2. NEERI Golden Jubilee Outstanding Performance Award 2007-08 for excellence in R&D.
  3. Outstanding Senior Scientist-2013 Award at CSIR-NEERI Foundation Day, April 2013.

Dr.G. Saravanan

  1. Awarded as “Best Young Scientist” at “International Conference on Applications of Advanced Materials for Sustainable Development” held at Nagpur, India.
  2. Awarded under Fast Track Scheme for Young Scientist

Er. Ankit Gupta

  1. Outstanding Young Scientist-2017 Award at CSIR-NEERI Foundation Day, April 2017.

Research Scholars

  1. Dr. Baby Jayasree, Research Associate – DST-Nano Mission- Nano-catalysis
  2. Ms. PallaviMungse (CSIR-SRF) – Chemical Looping Combustion / Cleaner Energy Generation
  3. Ms. RohiniKhobragade (CSIR-SRF), AcSIR-Ph.D. – Diesel Exhaust Emission Control
  4. Ms. AsmitaJadhav (INSPIRE-JRF), AcSIR-Ph.D. – Water Treatment
  5. Ms. DivyaYearwar (PA-III) – CSIR 800
  6. Ms. KiranBarapatre (PA-II) – NMCG Project- Ganga Sediment studies
  7. Mr. HimanshuKumbhare (PA-II) – CSIR800.