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Designation: Chief Scientist
Qualification: Ph.D.(Micro), M.Sc.(Micro)
Specialization: Molecular Biology
Address: EBGD Division, NEERI, Nagpur

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Chief Scientist (Scientist G)


Ph.D. , M.Sc. , B.Sc.


Environmental Biotechnology Genomics Division (EBGD)



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Dir L. Line : (0712) 2249878

Phone       :(0712) 2249883  Ext – 251

Fax  No.    :(0712) 2249900

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Molecular Biology

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Project Name


Microbial diversity of human gut


Biomethanation of Lignocellulosic Residues- Rice Straw 


Redefining the treatment strategy and assessment of Microbial catabolic diversity using genomics tool 


Mechanistic understanding of disinfection using Bauxite Residue


Waste utilization and Management


Biogas from vegetable waste using baffled plug flow reactor system


Metagenomic insight to water biofilm formation and dispersal


Microbial consortia for improved CETP performance  


Microbial consortia and Biomolecules


Evaluation of Bacteriophage Diversity in STPs Using Genomic Tools


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