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Designation: Scientist
Qualification: Ph.D.(Micro), M.Sc.(Micro)
Specialization: Microbiology & BioTechnology
Address: EGD Division, NEERI, Nagpur

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M. Sc., Ph. D. (Microbiology)


Environmental Genomics Division (EGD)



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Dir L. Line : (0712) 2249878

Phone       :(0712) 2249886– 2249885  Ext –

Fax  No.    :(0712) 2249900

Research area/ Specialization:

Microbiology, Biotechnology & Microbial Genomics

Major project handled:

Sr. No.

Project Name


“Microbial Diversity of Human Gut” sponsored by ITC, Bangalore, (Rs 307.00 lakhs) form April 2014 to March 2018 (Co-PI)


“Evaluation of bacteriophage diversity in STPs using genomics tools” sponsored by CSIR (30.00 lakhs) from January 2015 to March 2017 (PI)


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  • Exploration of genetic information from dynamic microbial population for efficiency enhancement of azo dye degrading system. Environmental Reviews (NRC, Canada), (2011), 19, 310-323.Nishant Dafale*
  • Selection of indicator bacteria based on screening of 16S rDNA metagenomic library from a two-stage anoxic-oxic bioreactor system for azo dyes decolorization. Bioresource Technology, (2010), 101, 476–484.Nishant Dafale, Leena Agrawal, A. Kapley, Sudhir Meshram, H. Purohit & Satish Wate
  • Concentration and recovery of coliphages from water with bituminous coal, Water Environmental Research (2008), 80 (3), 282-288. Nishant Dafale, Sukumar Lakhe, K. Yadav, Hemant Purohit & Tapan Chakraborty
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  • Sagrika Mohanty, Nishant Dafale & Nageshwara Rao
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  • Development and validation of microbial bioassay for the quantification of potency of antibiotics cefuroxime axitel, Analytical Methods (Royal Society of Chemistry, UK), (2013), 5, 690-698,  Nishant Dafale*, Uttam Semawl, Piyush Agarwal, G. N. Singh
  • Validation of microbial bioassay for quantification of levofloxacin in pharmaceutical preparations and its application to drug resistance, Journal of Pharmaceutical Analysis (2015); 5(1), 18–26 Nishant Dafale*, Uttam Semwal, Piyush Agarwal, Pradip Sharma, G. N. Singh
  • Evaluation of Preservative Effectiveness in Antacid, Cough Syrup and Ophthalmic Solution by Microbial Challenge Test. International Journal of Pharmacognosy, 2014; 1(3), 193-199 Nishant Dafale*, Uttam Semwal, Piyush Agarwal, Pradip Sharma, G. N. Singh
  • Paper entitled Bioremediation of wastewater containing azo dyes through two-stage bioreactor and its biodiversity has published in proceeding of the “Second International Conference on Environmental Management, Engineering, Planning and Economics (CEMEPE09)”, organized by University of Thessaly; held at Mykonos island, Greece during June 21-26, 2009.Nishant Dafale & Satish Wate
  • Paper entitled Sequential anaerobic–aerobic reactor for complete decolorization and partial mineralization of remazol black-B has published in “International Workshop on R&D Frontiers in Waste and Wastewater Management”, held at National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur during January 20-21, 2006. Nishant Dafale, Sudhir Meshram & Nageshwara Rao


  • Awarded CSIR-Senior Research Fellow (SRF) by Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi in 2008.
  • Awarded Junior Project Fellow (JPF) by CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur in 2002.

No. PhD. Students guided.

  • DST Inspire Fellow (Microbiology) is registered for Ph. D. in RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur.
  • Guided (6) students of various Universities for M.Sc. & M.Tech in Microbiology & Biotechnology for their project work (dissertation).