Ongoing Projects
Investigation on the occurrence of endocrine chemicals (EDCs) in the water bodies and wastewater and development of suitable analytical method for their quantificationSequestration of CO2 to biomass using CO2 tolerant micro-algae, Sponsor DST New Delhi
On site high density micro algae cultivation for enhanced biomas and lipid productivity-use of wastewater and commercial fertilizers as a nutrients, CO2 utilization and media recycling
Study to assess the impact of Air Pollution on Public Health (Epidemiological impact) & Agriculture Area in Wani and Arni Maharashtra, Sponsor Maharashtra Pollution Control Board
National Mission for Clean Ganga: Assessment of water quality and sediment analysis to understand the special properties of Ganga River, NCAM Mission Project
Development of Reporter assay for evaluating the effects of waste water and tap water contaminants on signal transaction disorders
Environmental Monitoring and Health Risk Assessment Study at Nagpur & Chennai (Clean Air), CSIR Network Project
Genotoxicity and endocrine disruptive property evaluation of wastewater before & after treatment by Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs), CSIR Network Project
Center of Excellence-Molecular Environmental Science & Engineering Research Study of the mechanism of microbial degradation of xenobiotic nitro-aromatic pollutants
Integrated NextGen approaches in health, disease and environmental toxicity (INDEPTH), CSIR Network Project
Completed Projects
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