Environmental Impact And Sustainability Division


EIRA Division of NEERI ensures integration of environmental and socio-economic concerns in developmental planning by identifying environmental, biological and socio-economic impacts of proposed development projects and adopting remedial or mitigation measures including risk assessment. The studies carried out by the Institute enabled the developers and the government to abate the economic, social and environmental (including human health) impacts and develop mitigation measures. The Institute so far carried out environmental impact and risk assessment studies for more than 500 developmental projects proposed by various industries. Environmental impact assessment (EIA) studies carried out by the Institute focused on analysis of concepts, approaches, methodology and evaluation processes; use of new technology development tools to enhance and strengthen the procedures and evaluation processes for impact assessment and recommendation with appropriate environmental management plan for sustainable development.


Study Areas


1.    Regional EIA
2.    Carrying capacity Studies
3.    Multidisciplinary Projects
4.    Judiciary Directed Envirnonmental Studies


Study Sectors of EIA