Ongoing Projects
Low-cost and shape-tailored nano catalysts for volatile organic compounds emission control
Pilot Field Study on Improved Cook Stoves
Defluoridation of Process Wastewater
Development of surface functionalized polymers (SFPS) for Highly separation and capture of carbon dioxide
Development of materials for conversion of methane/syngas to methanol (MS2M) and improved combustion of biomass gas
Cook Stove Demonstration
Clean Water - Sustainable Options
Development and testing of proven bench scale systems/processes
Biomimetic process for formic acid
Defluoridation of wastewater
Engineered materials
Solar to Chemical Conversion Systems and Devices – TAPSUN project (Photocatalytic Hydrogen, PEC Hydrogen, Biomimetic Hydrogen)
Novel functionalized materials for CO2 Capture. (NTPC, New Delhi)
Designing Perovskite Catalysts for CO oxidation and NO decomposition using Combinatorial Approach.(Under the Supra-institutional project on Molecular Environmental Science)
Visible Light Induced Supported Photocatalyst for Selective Oxidation of Hydrocarbons: A Green Alternative (In-house Golden Jubilee Award Scheme)
Nanomaterials for slow release of iron for fertilization in high-nutrients low chlorophyll (HNLC) oceanic region. (CSIR Network Project)
Development of Catalytic Systems for Reduction of Nitrate in Drinking Water (The Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water MissionDepartment of Drinking Water Supply, Ministry of Rural Development, New Delhi).
Molecular Design of nanostructured Materials for the Remediation of VOCs Emissions (Under the Supra-institutional project on Molecular Environmental Science)
Development of Novel Photocatalytic Materials for Water Splitting Reaction (DST, Govt of India, New Delhi)
Microbial Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide Using Suspended Growth, Attached Growth, Immobilized Enzyme and Whole Cell Bioreactor (Department of Biotechnology, New Delhi)
An approach to C-C bond formation reaction in dry media by using modified solid base catalyst. (In-house Golden Jubilee Award Scheme)
Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation.(CSIR Netwrok Project)
Target Oriented Zeolite Analogues for Monitoring and Control Strategies for Organo Toxins (Ministry of Environment & Forests )
Nano-structured Catalytic Materials for the Control of N2O Emissions. (Under the Supra-institutional project on Molecular Environmental Science)
Development of Portable Digital Kit for Field Measurement of Arsenic (Under the Supra-institutional project on Molecular Environmental Science)
Synthesis of composited / non-composited zeolite membrane (ZM) for separation and remediation of environmental pollutants.(Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi, (Exchange visits only))
Single enzyme nanoparticle for conversion of CO2 into nanobiocomposite.( Under the Supra-institutional project on Molecular Environmental Science)
Speciation of arsenic and its removal through innovative technologies.( Under the Supra-institutional project on Molecular Environmental Science)
Development of Catalytic Materials for Storage and Supply of Clean Hydrogen Through Liquid Organic Hydrides. (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, New Delhi)
Completed Projects
Development of Novel Functionalized Material for CO2 capture
Biosyntrolysis : Visible light induced biomimetic generation of syngas
Development of low cost catalysts for two wheelers to meet Bharat Stage-III norms
Use of flyash for removal of toxic elements such as chromium, fluoride, arsenic, fluoride and cobalt from effluents of cottage textile industries
Clean Fuels and Vehicle
Advanced Materials as CO2 Removers: A computational study of CO2 Sorption Thermodynamics and Kinetics.
Development of bio-inspired amine based adsorbents for carbon dioxide capture
Development of Improved oxygen carriers for cleaner energy generation through Chemical Looping Combustion
Catalysing Soot-NOx reaction without precious metals : Mixed oxide catalyst for diesel exhaust emission control
Technical strengthening of PHEF-MP/ CH-UNICEF Bhopal / NEERI Collaboration for effective delivery of TSC/SD. (UNICEF, Bhopal)
Nanostructure zeolitic materials for artificial photosynthesis vis-a-vis control of green house gases (MEET, New Delhi)
Biotechnological applications of novel hybrid zeolitic materials for in-situ remediation of contaminated soil (sponsored by DBT, New Delhi)
Development of advanced materials for environmental applications (NEERI-NIMS Collaboration)
Study of Mixed Oxide type materials for environmental applications (Indo-Czheck collaboration)
Development of Catalytic Materials for Diesel Exhaust Emission Control (In house)