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Designation: Principal Scientist
Qualification: Ph.D.(Chem)
Post. Doc (Chemistry), M.Tech(Chem Engg)
Specialization: Chemical Engineering
Address: CTMD Division, NEERI, Nagpur

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Principle Scientist


NEERI, Nagpur


Ph.D. , M.E. , B.Tech.

Major project handled:

Sr. No.

Project Name


Clean water development and demonstration of technologies for nitrate removal from drinking water, Sponsored by12FYP, (2012-2017).


Development of Efficient Hydrogen Supply System through Liquid Organic Hydrides, Sponsored by MNRE, (2014-2019).


Improved Phytorid Process, Sponsored by 12FYP,(2012-2017).


Development of an emission improvement plan for the town of Wani, Sponsored by MPCB, (2013-2015)


Floating wetland: Nature inspired option for rejuvenation of water bodies, Sponsored by FYP, (2012-2017)


Waste-to-biofuel: Ethanol from Biomass-gas and cleaning of bio-gas, Sponsored by CSIR,(2012-2017)


Conservation and beautification of Erai and Zarpat rivers in Chandrapur district in Maharashtra, Sponsored by Munciple Corporation Chandrapur, (2014-2015).


Evaluation of materials for CO2 adsorption capacity for use in carbon capture and storage


Pre-feasibility and re-use recycle at CETP for pre-treatment efficiency improvement and sustainability of CETP operations

Publications :

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