Ongoing Projects
Treatment of Pesticide Polluted Waters in Rural Areas through Integrated Phytoremediation and Bioaugmentation System
Study of the Impact of climate change on human health Interface in coastal and Islet ecosystems of India
Comprehensive Water Audit and delineate Water Conservation measures
SSHEHS for Improved Disposal System on land for CETP
Implementation of PHYTORID Technology at Harmu River
Environmental Monitoring of MSW Processing and Disposal Facility at Kanjur, Mumbai
Assessment and Possible Reuse of Accumulated Sludge at Bhandup Complex Water Treatment Plant
Assessment of Soil Status for Possible Leaks Near Kamothe Area, Navi Mumbai Near to the HPCL’s Underground Pipeline
Development of Guidelines for Preparation of Environmental Management and Monitoring Plan(EMMP) & Post EMP Monitoring for JN Port
Study to Assess the Adequacy of Discharge Standards for Treated Wastewater Disposal in Marine Water bodies
Evaluation of CETP at Badlapur and TEPS Tarapur for their Functioning
Integrated Impact Assessment Study for Mithi River
Disaster and Risk Management for Mumbai Sewage Disposal Project and EIA for four Pumping Stations
Study to Assess the Kolhapur-Ichalkarnaji Sewage Pollution of Panchganga River, Hon’ble High Court & Kolhapur & Ichalkarnaji Municipal Corporation
Studies on Rejuvenation of River Godavari and Integrated Action plan for Improvement of Environmental Status for Nasik Region, Hon’ble High Court & Nasik Municipal Corporation
Environmental Impact assessment of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Memorial Off the Coast of Mumbai in the Arabian Sea, Govt. of Maharashtra
Environmental Impact Assessment of the proposed Gargai Pinjal Water Resources Project : of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai
Major Ongoing Projects
Completed Projects
Investigation of Sludge Accumulated at Lagoons of Wastewater Treatment Facilities for its Alternative Use and Disposal, Sponsored By MCGM
Hazardous Solid Waste Landfill Site Management in Tarapur (MIDC) Area, Sponsored By MIDC
Environmental Performance Audit of Solid Waste Management Processing Plants, Sponsored By Hanjer Biotech Ltd.
Environmental Impact Assessment Study on Pollution due to Oil Spill and Other Hazardous Substances from MSC Chitra collision with MV Khalijia, Sponsored By MPCB
Environmental Assessment of Mumbai Oil Spill from MV RAK Carrier, Sponsored By MPCB
Study of Rohtang Pass Region, Sponsored By HPPCB
Review of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report Prepared for the Proposed Modernization of Existing Unit #6 by Change of Fuel at Trombay Thermal Power Station by Tata Power Company Limited sponsored by Tata Power Company Limited
Phytorid Technology for Wastewater Treatment for Reuse in Ammunition Factory, Pune, Sponsored By Ammunition Factory, Pune
Monitoring of Air and Water at M/S Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd., Village Nimbut, District Pune, Sponsored By M/S Jubilant Life Sciences Ltd.
Past Projects