Training Program

  • Training to Employees of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM)  on Hydraulic Network Planning, Modelling and Sewage Master Planning and Management, May- Nov., 14
  • Workshop on Performance of CETP’s of Maharashtra, April, 2013 organized with IITB, MPCB and NEERI.
  • ‘2nd International Brainstorming Workshop on Short and Long -Term Solutions for MSW Management Problem in Indian Cities’ organized by CSIR-NEERI and Association with Earth Engineering Centre, Columbia University, USA, at Delhi, 21st -22nd February, 2013
  • Coastal and River Zone Management : Regulation and Development, February 6-7, 2014 in collaboration with IIT Delhi and Indian Chemical Council
  • International Workshop on Coastal River Zone Management, Regulations and Development, IITB, Mumbai –Jan, 2013 organized with CESE-IIT, Bombay, MPCB, Pidilite (I).Ltd., NIO.
  • ‘Coastal and River Regulation Zone: Issues and Challenges’, International Workshop on Coastal River Zone Management, Regulations and Development. Organized by CSIR-NEERI and IIT Bombay, 10- 11th  January  2013
  • International Conference on ‘Green Health 2012’ organised by CSIR-NEERI in association with MPCB, IIT Bombay, IOMR and MCGM, 6 to 8th September 2012 at Mumbai
  • ‘1st International Brain Storming on Waste to Energy in India’, in collaboration with ‘Earth Engineering Centre, Columbia University’, USA and CSIR-NEERI, 24- 25th August, 2012 at Nehru Centre, Mumbai
  • ‘Air Quality Modeling and Management for Urban and Industrial Areas in India', Mumbai’, 10-12 May, 2012, organized with IIT Bombay and CSIR-NEERI
  • National Conference on CETP “Boon or Bane for Environment : Way Forward” 23rd-24th February, 2011
  • Round table on 25 years of air act in

    India, 28 march 2007, Grand Hyatt, Mumbai organized by Mumbai Zonal Laboratory and MPCB

  • Applied Air Pollution Emission Inventory Workshop: “Estimating Particulate Matter Emissions using a Spread Sheet Model”, December 4-9, 2006, Delhi Zonal Laboraratory,  organized jointly by NEERI Mumbai and Delhi Zonal Laboratories and USEPA, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Central Pollution Control Board.
  • Air Quality Management Control Strategies : Application of AERMOD for Pune: Workshop July 13-20, 2006 ,Pune organized by NEERI Mumbai Zonal Laboratory and USEPA and AEP.
  • Methane to Market Workshop, March 6, 2006 organized by NEERI , All India Institute of Local Self and USAID.
  • Mercury Monitoring Workshop organized  by NEERI, MPCB and USEPA
  • Science Expo 2006, Jan 13-17, 2007, at Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai –400018
  • High Level Conference on Strategies for Control of Air Pollution in Mumbai, 1-2 March, 2005, MPCB and NEERI
  • Science Expo 2005 between 23-27 Nov. 2005 at  Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai