Introduction (Vision & Mission)

The Water Technology & Management Division (WT&MD) is a World Health Organisation (WHO) collaborating for interdisciplinary activities related to water and wastewater management. The division offers research & development of water and wastewater treatment technologies, consultancy & training on water quality monitoring and surveillance. The division deals with the research and development of new technologies for the removal of a wide range of geogenic, anthropogenic and emerging contaminants from drinking water at an price. The division also renders R&D for the treatment and reuse with the collaboration of European Union. Consultancy services for the water and quality testing, performance evaluation of treatment facilities, river rejuvenation water and sanitation safety plans for rural as well as urban water supply schemes. The division also in drinking water quality monitoring, network design, sampling, preservation, analysis and quality assurance for Water supply engineers, chemists and other technical staff of the water testing laboratories in public sectors. 

WT&MD bagged Prestigious International Project Innovation Awards (PIA) – instituted by International Water Association (IWA) twice. NEERI-ZAR Water Treatment Unit as the and Solar Energy Based Electrolytic Defluoridation (EDF) Plant as winner in Applied Research category of PIA. In addition to that, EDF Technology also awarded by The DST-Lockheed Martin India and FICCI Innovation Growth Program Award (2012) and NEERI-ZAR Multi-Pollutant Water Treatment Unit by Nina Saxena Excellence in Technology Award (2008).

The division has a history of various technology/processes development in the field of surface and ground water treatment for providing portable drinking water to large and small communities with constant efficiency and at an affordable price and in wastewater management using natural treatment system.

Technology Developed

Solar Energy Based Electrolytic Defluoridation Plants

Hand Pump attachable Iron Removal Plant      RCC  Structure (To be fabricated onsite)


Chemo – Defluoridation Household Unit

Chemo – Dearsenification Household Unit

NEERI - ZAR: Portable Instant Water Filter