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Patents / Copyright
  •   “Water Filter for Removal of Trihalomethanes”, by Neeta P.Thacker, Anjana Singh, S.P. Pande and Prakash S. Kshirsagar vide0339/NF/2003 dated 27/10/04.
  • A novel odour monitoring unit (with EB Div) (Nov 2002)
  • "Improved Water Filter", by Neeta P. Thacker, Maya V. Vaidya, Sunil P. Pande, Shrikumar B. Lakhe, Waman N. Pauniker, Prakash S. Kshirsagar and Sudhakar R. Sakhare, vide NF 237/01 dated 30.10.2001.
  • An improved field kit for arsenic testing in water (with GEM Div) (Feb 2000)
  • A novel total organic carbon analyser (Jan 2000)
  • A simple device for gas flow measurement (Feb 2000)
  • A device for in-situ gas-liquid separation (Feb 2000)
  • Development of an apparatus for continuous extraction-concentration of solid environmental sample
  • "Water Filter for Removal of Organochlorine Pesticides", by Neeta P. Thacker, Mayadevi V. Vaidya and Meenu N. Chazzed, granted patent No. 197032 dated 23/06/2006.
  • A visual comparator & a process for development of color filter (Patent No 176278)
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