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 Ongoing Projects
 Projects Completed
" Quality Assurance and Quality Control in Laboratory Analysis", February 16 - 18, 2010 , NEERI, Nagpur ( Sponsored by CPCB)
'Analysis of pesticides & other organic chemicals in environmental samples", December 6-10, 2010 , NEERI, Nagpur ( Sponsored by CPCB)
“CSIR Networked Programme on Pollution Monitoring Mitigation Systems and Devices : Estimation of Assimilative Capacity of Select Regions (SMM-05)” Sponsor CSIR, New Delhi
“USEPA and NEERI collaboration on Drinking water Laboratory Strengthening work” Sponsor USEPA, Washington, DC (May 2006- August 2007)
Development of Technique for determination of PCBs in Environmental Samples, Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt. of India, New Delhi (2002-2004)
Characterization of Compost Quality (Made Out of Municipal Solid Waste) and Evolution of Guide Lines and Standards, Sponsor Central Pollution Control Board, Delhi (2002-2004).
“Estimation of levels of trihalomethanes, pesticides, heavy metals, nitrogenous and phosphatic materials in Mumbai Water Supply”,Sponser Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (May 1995 – March 1997)
“Rapid environmental impact assessment of proposed Rail Car Depot at Khyber Pass Delhi ”, Sponsor Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Limited, New Delhi , (August 1999 – April 2000)
“Maharashtra 2nd Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Project : Water Quality Assessment”, Sponsor Maharashtra Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Mumbai, (Nov. 2002 – March 2003)
"Water Quality Assessment of Rural Water Supply Water Sources in Maharashtra – Yavatmal District “ Sponsor Water Supply and Sanitation Department, Govt. of Maharashtra (Feb. 2001)
“Estimation of Trihalomethanes Levels in Finished Water of the Treatment Plants at Mumbai” Sponsor Ciba Speciality Chemicals ( India) Ltd.(December 2004 )
“Studies on the Impact of Discharge of Mathura Treated Refinery Effluent on Yamuna River Water Quality”, Sponsor Indian Oil Corporation, Mathura (Jan. 2003 – Dec. 2006)
Study on Environmental Contamination with Polychlorinated Dioxins viz., TCDDs", Sponsor CPCB – Project Leader (Sept. 2002 – April 2006)
Development of Radio-Photo Luminescent (RPL) Phosphors and Reader
“Surveillance of Treated Water Quality from Treatment Plants and Ground Water in Delhi with Respect to Health Related Parameters”, Sponsor Delhi Jal Board
Remote access of analytical instruments at central instrumentation facility in general Gas Chromatograph in particular using LAN facility
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