Fluorescence Spectrophotometer : Hitachi F-4000

Fluorescence Spectrophotometer : Hitachi F-4000


Fluorescence is a type of photoluminescence in which a molecule is promoted to an electronically excited state by absorption of UV/Visible / near IR radiation. The excited molecule then decays back to the ground state or lower-lying excited electronic states by emission of light. The emitted light is detected as an Fluorescence.


  • Interfaced to a Personal Computer (PC) through standard interface, General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB).
  • Self-deozonating Xenon discharge lamp of 150 Watts is used as a high intensity excitation source.
  • Monochromators were large-aperture stigmatic concave diffraction grating type with 900 lines/mm covering wave length range of 200 – 900 nm on both Excitation and Emission sides with maximum wavelength scan speed of 30000 nm/min.


  • Quantification of aromatic or highly unsaturated organic molecules
  • DNA sequencing
  • Studies of ligand binding in biological systems
  • In-situ analysis in biological systems & cell sorting 
  • Environmental remote sensing (hydrologic, aquatic & atmospheric)