Gas Chomatograph Mass Spectrometer: Varian saturn III

Gas Chomatograph Mass Spectrometer: Varian saturn III


GC/MS is a combination of a chromatographic and spectral method. Chromatograph produces ‘pure’ fraction from your sample while Massspectrometer yields qualitative information about a ‘pure’ component.

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The mass spectrometer is a universal detector for gas chromatographs since any compound that can pass through a gas chromatograph is convertedinto ions in mass spectrometer. At the same time, the highly specific nature of mass spectrummakes the mass spectrometer a very specific gas chromatographic detector. Gas chromatography is an ideal separator, whereas mass spectrometry is excellent for identification. The aim of an interfacing arrangement is to operate both a gas chromatographand a mass spectrometer withoutdegrading the performance of either instrument.


  • Environmental analysis
  • Pesticide analysis and Food safety
  • Pharmaceutical and drug analysis
  • Clinical toxicology
  • Petrochemical &hydrocarbons analysis
  • Food and fragrance