Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer : Jobin Yvon JY-24

Inductively Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer : Jobin Yvon JY-24













ICP/OES is a powerful tool for the determinationof metals in a variety of different sample matrices.With this technique, liquid samples are injected into aradiofrequency (RF)-induced argon plasma using one of variety of nebulizers or sample introduction techniques.


An aqueous sample is converted to aerosols via a nebulizer. The aerosols are transported to the inductively coupled plasma which is a high temperature zone (8,000–10,000ºC). The analytes are heated (excited) to different (atomic and/or ionic) states and produce characteristic optical emissions (lights). These emissions are separated based on their respective wavelengths and their intensities are measured (spectrometry). The intensities are proportional to the concentrations of analytes in the aqueous sample. The quantification is an external multipoint linear standardization by comparing the emission intensity of an unknown sample with that of a standard sample. Multi-element calibration standard solutions are prepared from single- and multi-element primary standard solutions. With respect to other kinds of analysis where chemical speciation is relevant (such as the concentration of ferrous iron or ferric iron), only total elemental concentration is analyzed by ICP-OES.

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Analysis of Environmental and Water samples for determination of Fe, Cd, Cu, Mo, Ni, V, and Zn in seawater; phosphorus in municipal wastewater; heavy metals in inner-city dust samples;Trace metal analysis of coal fly ash.

Determination of trace metals in Agricultural and Foods, Biological and Clinical samples like urine, blood; determination of U in ores, river sediments for several metals; toxic metals, trace and major constituents in coal and slags;  trace metals in used lubricating oils