Cleaner Technology Centre was established as a part of the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) in May 2014. The focus of the Cleaner Technology Center is the development of sustainable solutions for pollutant removals from environment and renewable energy through catalysis and adsorption.

The goals of Cleaner Technology Center are:

  1. Development of sustainable technologies for mitigation ofenvironmental problems
  2. Demonstration of these technologies on a pilot-scale
  3. Evaluation of the techno-economic feasibilities


Adsorption and catalysis form the core of CTC's research activities. From evaluation of materials for adsorption properties for carbon capture, storage and sequestration to evaluation and development of catalysts for air pollution mitigation and renewable energy technologies, CTC is focused on development of environmentally sustainable technologies. Along with catalysis and adsorption, research in CTC is also focused on developing technologies for treatment of wastewater and improving the quality of drinking water.


The areas of research at CTC can be classified as:

  1. Catalysis for renewable energy systems
    • Hydrogen storage and delivery using Liquid Organic Hydrides
    • Cleaning of hydrogen gas by preferential oxidation of CO
  2. Catalysis for controlling vehicular exhaust emissions
  3. Developing adsorptive separation systems for gases such as CO2/CH4 or CO2/N2 separation
  4. Technologies for treatment of wastewater
    • Phytorid system for treatment of wastewater
  5. Technologies for treatment of drinking water
    • Removal of nitrates from drinking water

State-of-the-art laboratory and equipment ensure that the Cleaner Technology Centre makes important strides in development of sustainable solutions for mitigation of the some of the most critical environmental problems.