Research Area

Air Pollution Control

Ø           Ambient Air quality & Fugitive/vehicle emissions monitoring

Ø           Air quality modeling                

Environmental Biotechnology

Ø      Environmental Genomics

Ø      Cleaner Process Development

Ø      Designing & development of wastewater facilities

Environmental Impact Assessment

Ø      Environmental appraisal for suitability & selection of site for locating

industrial projects

Ø      Environmental quality monitoring including assessment of biodiversity for identification of impacts

Ø      Mathematical modeling for predicting & evaluating impacts on air, noise, surface & ground waters, land biological and parameters of socio economic interests

Geo-Environmental Management

Ø      Surveillance of drinking water quality

Ø      Performance evaluation of treatment plant

Ø      Development of analytical techniques for water quality assessment

Ø      Evaluation of water resources for health related water quality parameters

Ø      Eco-restoration of impounded surface water bodies

Ø      Recycling and reuse of industrial wastewater through biotechnological route for tanneries, textile, sugar, distilleries & chemical industries wastewater

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