Water Resources Management


    Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan of water resources development projects
    Water conservation and environmental protection of the water bodies
    Eco-restoration of impounded surface water bodies and downstream system
    Limnological studies of surface water bodies
    Assessment of groundwater contamination from anthropogenic stresses
    Development of technique and methodology for exploration, assessment and management of ground water in hard rock areas
    Delineation of contaminated region by geophysical methods
    non-invasive methods in characterization of water and land environment

    Water Quality Assessment and Treatment

    Surveillance of drinking water quality
    Performance evaluation of water treatment facilities
    Technology development for improvement of water quality
    Development of analytical techniques for water quality assessment  
    Monitoring and management of priority organic pollutants (POPs) and other pollutants
    Evaluation of water resources for health related water quality parameters  
    Water quality management for pesticides contamination  





    Land Management and Water Resource Development

    Restoration and remediation of degraded land
    Treatment of Urban and Industrial Wastewater
    Catchment area treatment plan
    Techno-economic feasibility of seep slope stabilization through bio-engineering techniques 
    Green belt development - land use planning  
    Crop loss assessment due to various anthropogenic activities 
    Protection of natural sources
    Assessment of salinity ingress in coastal areas