Consultancy Areas

Wastewater Treatment and Management:

  • Basic Engineering Design for Wastewater (ETP s & CETPs)
  • Renovation & Up-gradation of Effluent Treatment Plants Infusing Modern Process and Treatment Technologies.
  • Zero-discharge Based Wastewater Treatment Technologies for Various Industries and Technologies to Facilitate Compliance with Discharge Norms
  • Physico-chemical Conversions
  • Bioconversions
  • Recycle & Reuse
    Resource Recovery

    Research Areas

    Innovative Treatment Technologies for Color & COD Removal and Induction/enhancement in Biodegradation through:

  •   UV Photocatalysis
  •   Detoxification & Biodegradation
  •   Solar Photocatalysis
  •   Color removal
  •   Electrochemical Methods
  •   Electrooxidation
  •   Electrocoagulation
  •   Electrofloatation
  •   Electro-Fenton Process
  •   Catalytic Wet Oxidation
  •   Ozonation
  •   Solid-liquid Separation Through Modification in Design of Clarifiers
  •   Hydraulic Energy Dissipation
  •   Minimization of Turbulence 
      Nutrient Removal

    Spin off Areas      

  •    Scale-up of Wastewater Treatment Technologies
  •    Modeling of Wastewater Treatment Processes
  •    Removal of Dissolved Solids from wastewater
  •    Removal of Nutrients from Wastewater
  •    Monitoring & Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds
  •    Natural Purification Systems for Wastewater Treatment
  •    Land Application of Treated Wastewater
  •    Recovery of Chemicals from Wastewater and Value-addition   
  •    Disinfection of Water, Sewage & Treated Effluents
  •    Adsorbents for Heavy Metals Removal