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                   MoUs/contracts/Agreements signed during 2006-07 & Ongoing Mous

  •  Memorandum of understanding for project on " Feasibility studies on   waste water management for Textile sector in TIRUPUR and Textile sectors in Erode,Tamil Nadu.
  •  MoC Agreement consultancy between NEERI & Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), Kolkata for comprehensive study on abatement study  in Damodar River system.
  • Memorandum of understanding between Unit for Research & development of Information Products (URDIP) and NEERI for IP search and analysis services (August 3,2006).
  • Memorandum of understanding with Hindustan Lever Limited for investigations on drinking water quality in 8 cities/Towns in India.
  • Agreement between DBT, New Delhi and NEERI (CSIR) for project "Microbial sequestration of carbon dioxide using suspended growth, attached growth and immobilized enzymes and whole cell reactor".
  • Memorandum of collaboration (Amendment) between Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOC) and NEERI, Nagpur for project: Air Quality Monitoring and Emission  source apportionment studies for city of Delhi.
  • Memorandum of collaboration between NEERI and Central Pollution Control Board, New Delhi for project "Air Quality Assessment, Emission inventory and source apportionment studies for Indian cities - city of Mumbai".

                                                     Ongoing MoU List

  • MoU between National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd and NEERI/CSIR for Development of novel functionalized materials for CO2 capture (Oct 2005)
  • MoU between Oil & Natural Corporation Ltd, New Delhi & NEERI for enhancement of environmental qualities around Oil & Natural Gas Exploration and processing locations (Dee 2003)

                                     International AgreementlMoU List (Ongoing)

  • MoU between CSIR/NEERI and Advanced Material Laboratory, National Institute for materials science, Tuskuba, Japan for "Development of Advanced for Environmental Applications".

  • NEERI Cooperative Agreement with (US EPA) U. S. Environmental Protection Agency in support of Environmental Protection Activities in India.

  • Project I       Urban Air Quality Management
    1. Pune Air Quality Management
    2. Source Apportionment
    3. BENMAP(Environmental Benefits mapping & Analysis Programme)

    Project II     Clean Fuels & Vehicles.

    Project III    Mercury Reduction Programme for chlor Alkali Plants in India.

    Project IV    Drinking water labo  ratory strengthening.

  • Project Cooperation Agreement with UNICEF, Bhopal & NEERI                 
                                 Non Disclosure Agreement with Alcoa

  • Confidentiality, Non-disclosure and Limited use agreement with Alcoa, Inc,
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