Neeri Reports

GAP2128 - Novel application of bacteriophage for controlling foaming & bulking in wastewater treatment plant . (DST-Women Scientist)
State-of-art BSL-3 facility at CSIR-NEERI. CSIR-NEERI.
Characterization of bacteriophage encoded lytic enzyme (MLP. Period 2014-2107)
GAP2066 - Application of bacteriophage for treating multidrug resistant (MDR) Pseudomonas aeruginosa (DST-SERB. Period 2014-2017)
GAP2103 - Assessment of water quality & sediment analysis to study the special property of river Ganga. (National Mission for Clean Ganga. Period Nov, 2014-March, 2016)
PSC0101 - Effects of UV radiations generated by VUV/UV excimer source on bacterial disinfection in water treatment. (CSIR XIIth FYP-MTDDC. Period 2012-2017)
Evaluation of Multi-Fuel Cookstove “NEERDHUR” Based on CSIR-NEERI’s Technology
Demonstration of NEERDHUR Improved Cookstove, Adoption, IEC (Information, Education, Communication) Studies and its Impact Assessment on Household Air Quality and Respiratory Health.
Minimization of the amount of platinum for automobile exhaust treatments through intermetallics based catalyst. (Fast Track)
Assessment of Water Quality and Sediments Analysis to understand the Special Property of Ganga River (NMCG Project).
Short Term and Localized Air Pollution Control System for Crematoria, Dump site and others in Delhi (DPCC)
Low Cost and shape-tailored nano catalysts for volatile organic compounds emission control - (DST – Nano-mission)
Development of Materials for Conversion of Methane/Syngas to Methanol (MS2M) and Improved of Biomass Gas (DST – BURD)