Neeri Reports

WHO Fellowship Training programme on Water Quality Monitoring and Surveillance and Emergency Water Supply and Sanitation
Assessment of Water Quality and Suggest Treatment Measures for Raw Water Source of MIDC Water Supply Scheme
CSIR Network project titled “Development of techniques in Exploration, Assessment and Management of groundwater in hard rock areas” (CORE-0005)
Optimization of Use of Chlorine and its Compounds in India
Comprehensive EIA for 1000 MW Karcham-Wangtoo Hydroelectric project at river Sutlej, Dist. Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh
Impact of On-site Sanitation Systems on the Quality of Ground and Surface Water Resources
Study on Surveillance of Drinking Water Quality in Selected 25 Cities/ Towns in India
Study on Surveillance of Drinking Water Quality in Selected 11 Cities / Towns in India
Sustainable water resources management in Himalayan villages with particular reference to rain water harvesting and environmental protection of the streams for safe drinking water supply and sanitation in hilly region of Tehri Garhwal
Studies on Environmental Status of Futala Lake and development of Management Plan for restoration of water quality on long term basis using ecotechnological approaches
Impact of Silt disposal from Beas-Sutlej Link (BSL) Project on Aquatic Life in Sutlej River water
Workshops on “Assessment of Current and Futuristic Water Quality Standards in India and Provide Guidelines”
Development of Directory of Drinking Water Quality Laboratories in the Country – Phase I
Development of Directory of Drinking Water Quality Laboratories in the Country – Phase II
Groundwater Modelling at Kovaya Limestone Mine, Gujarat Cement Works, District- Amreli (Gujrat)
CEIA of MSDP-Stage II Priority Works
Study of Ground Water Aquifer system at Jagannathpuri and its Protection from contamination
Training Programmes on Water Quality Monitoring, Network Design, Sampling, Analysis and Quality Assurance
Evaluation of Three Hand Pump Attachable Fluoride Removal Pilot Plants Installed by Various Agencies for Drinking Water Supply in Odisha State
Minimization of the amount of platinum for automobile exhaust treatments through intermetallics based catalysts
To Introduce and Implementation of Water Safety Plans (WSP) in Four Health Facilities
Integration of Water Safety Plan and Household Water Treatment and Safe Storage in Open Defecation Free village in India
Impact Assessment Studies of Fly Ash disposal into mine void quarry No.4 of Jagannath OCP
Testing of Household Water Purification Product
Impact Assessment of Ash Pond on Groundwater Quality in the surrounding area of South Balanda Mine Pit of Talcher Thermal Power Station