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Training Programs
EGU Team:
Dr Hemant Purohit Scientist and Head, EGU
Dr Atya Kapley Scientist, EGU
Dr Asifa Qureshi, Scientist EGU
Dr Anshuman Khardenavis, Scientist, EGU

Senior Research Fellows
1. Ms. Vinita Verma PhD student
2. Ms. Selvakumaran PhD student

Junior Research Fellows (PhD Students)
1. Ms Sneha Sagarkar M.Sc (CSIR-NET qualified)
2. Ms Sampada Puranik M.Sc (CSIR-NET qualified)
3. Ms Radhika Deshmukh M.Sc (CSIR-NET qualified)
4. Mr Rajesh Pal M.Sc (CSIR-NET qualified)

Project Assistants:
1. Mr Sajan CR M.Sc
2. Ms. Leena Agrawal M.Sc
3. Ms. Rusha Guha M.Sc
4. Ms Vasundhara Paliwal M.Sc
5. Ms Nandita  Sharma M.Sc
6. Ms Shraddha Shaligram M.Sc
7. Ms.Ruchi Shukla B. Tech
8. Ms. Himgauri Tanksale M.Sc
9. Mr. Ravi More M.Sc


Name of Trainees  (December, 2009 to May, 2010)







Miss. Deepika Jain

Optimization of PHB production by Diaphorobacter


Miss. Rohini N. Ganorkar

Screening of Diaphorobacter culture  for PHB synthesis genes


Miss. Aparna M. Kature

Degradation of direct blue dye using fungal culture


Mr. Arvind Kumar Shakya

Bioremediation of direct red dye using fungal culture


Miss. Deepika Chachada

Screening of aromatic hydroxylase from metagenome


Mrs. Divya Murali


Identification of Rieske genotype from Metagenome of contaminated niche


Miss. Aruradha Vinayak Khade

Induction of Acetate Kinase activity in lab isolate and demonstration of ack gene by PCR


Miss. Deepika Bhaskar Gokhe

Genomic DNA library construction of Nitrophenol degrading lab isolate and screening of clones for nocB & npcA genes


Ms. Arzeen Abbas Fazal

Screening of Metagenomic DNA for nitrophenol degrading catabolic genes npdA1 and npdA2 genes


Mr. Vaibhav Bais

Bioremediation of atrazine-contaminated soil using bio-augmentation and bio-stimulation


Miss. Sharon Singh

Identifying aromatic ring hydroxylating dioxygenase, beta subunit from Metagenome of contaminated niche


Miss. Neeti Jadeja


 Screening of catabolic genes  from metagenome


  • Brainstorming session on Environmental Biotechnology, sponsored by Department of Biotechnology, Nov 23-24, 2006
  • One-day workshop/seminar onEnvironment- Health Interaction”.NEERI, Nagpur, 13 July 2004
  • Training Programme for students (Dissertation projects for M.Sc (Microbiology/Biochemistry/Biotechnology) and B.Tech (Biotechnology/Bioinformatics)
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